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Zingone, founded in 1896, is the first children’s clothing brand with the longest history in Italy. The founder Gennaro Zingone (Naples 1875 – Rome 1938) opens his first store in the heart of Rome starting back then a firm his heirs are still managing with the same devotion. During the first period of the company, Gennaro Zingone is able to start a business extended throughout Italy and abroad thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit – quite remarkable at that time. Gennaro called the store “La Casa dei Bambini”, The House of Children, to remark his devotion to the world of babies.

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Within few years he extends the first store in Via della Maddalena, next to Pantheon in the very heart of Rome. He finally buys the entire building transforming into a big shopping centre, or today’s so called mall (“centro commerciale”) with a vast choice of merchandise: domestic needs, fabrics, accessories and clothing. Zingone also dedicates the research in selecting foreign wholesalers and soon becomes a rendezvous point for international clients with an exigent need for quality and reliable products.

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In 1917 the Gennaro Zingone’s firm can benefit of the patent of Italian Royal House’s wholesaler in recognition of its relevance in Italy among national children clothing brands.

During Fascism, Zingone opens one of his stores in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) for Italians who live and work in North Africa. Since then the firm remains in people’s minds especially for one of the most famous slogan: “Zingone dresses up all Rome” (“Zingone veste tutta Roma”). This phrase has remained in people’s memories throughout generations.

The Founder is substituted by his son Corrado (Rome 1906 – 1991). After consolidate is business background internationally, Corrado takes over the management of the firm stores showing his talent and innovative entrepreneurial spirit. He is able to keep up with the times during more than 30 years expanding and consolidating the firm internationally. As recognition of his talent, in 1952 Corrado is awarded Grande Ufficile Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana and in 1966, Corrado was awarded the National “Oscar” of Fashion for children wear, at that time this was the only one that has been awarded in this field.

With the liberalization of trade, in 1959 Corrado launched and for the next five years becomes the promoter and presided over the “Rassegna Euromoda” a baby-wear fashion show for the European market at Palazzo dei Congressi in Eur, Rome.

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In 1960, during the Olympics in Rome, Zingone is the only brand able to open a corner in the Olympic villages; thanks to this great opportunity, join ventures and commercial connections are set up in Japan and US.

During ‘60s, Zingone S.p.A. expands and consolidates, opens stores in residential areas of Rome. The fabric laboratory in Piazza Rondanini becomes a proper business and Zingone Confezioni S.p.A. produces and distributes the children’s clothing collections. The firm’s activities expand with more than 500 point of sales in Italy.

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Acknowledgements accept and define Zingone firm as the leader of children’s clothing in Italy, and as a relevant confirmation of the ‘Made in Italy’ in foreign markets.


In 1971, as a result of the important activity and of the economical role of the firm, the President of the Republic awards Corrado Zingone with the title of “Cavaliere di Gran Croce Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana” which is the highest honorific title of the State.

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In 1964, Altman’s Warehouse in the 5th Avenue in New York dedicates all its windows to Zingone, and the owner is invited to all the presentation and fashion shows in the most qualified commercial structures in the North-East.

In the early of 70’s, Zingone S.p.A. accomplishes a big expansion of the business achieving its peak with eleven stores around Italy, included a new flagship store in Piazza Duomo in Milan.

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Today the firm is at fourth generation, managed by Stefano (Corrado’s son) and his wife Susanna and his sons that follow the traditions with passion, enthusiasm, creativity and dedication. Zingone brings its 120 year history of tailoring and design in Italy and US attending to the international trade fairs every season.


The latin family’s motto which appears in its crest “Labor Vita Tua Honestas Iter Tuum” is still valid and indicates a work and life pursuit.

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